* Zak`s models at TNT event

Most of our regular customers are Event-Agencies.

It means: 

  • We never work with clients of our clients.

This rule has been respected since the company was founded. Thanks to trust, it is easier for us and our partners to work. If your client does contact us, we will politely apologize and redirect your client back to you.

  • We carefully keep commercial secrets.

There is a strict rule for us, we discuss finance only with the manager leading our project, our staff has the right to discuss rates only with us.

  • We responsibly keep timing.

We love when customers say: "We can give you a task and forget about it." We know how many things are kept in the heads of the organizers before the event and we want to ensure that among these worries there is no thought that the staff is late

   We don`t ask too much questions

  • If the customer has not said for which company we will work, we will not ask. It is important for us to know the information that affect pricing and preparation. The rest, if the client is comfortable - he will tell, if not - we will not pester him.

  • We give you materials without any corporate style.

This is so that you can use your letterhead on presentations with models or even send to the client the neat materials that we will provide




* Zak`s hostess working at welcome of intelegence club